Fun for your Kids—Co+op Explorers!

Co+op Explorer Kids get a FREE PIECE of ORGANIC FRUIT every time they visit!  To become a card-carrying Co+op Explorer, kids 12 and under simply need to bring you (their grown-up person) to the Hospitality Desk and ask to join the club. That’s it!

When you sign up - each kiddo will be issued their very own super-official Co+op Explorers membership card, sticker, temporary tattoo, and HIGH FIVE! Pretty cool!

They’ll also be eligible to WIN a PRIZE each month through our in-store coloring challenge AND we’ll send a birthday e-mail to you during their birthday month letting them know they’ve got a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE from all of us here at the co-op!

Since we launched our Co+op Explorer’s program last year, we’ve had over 300 kids SIGN UP! WOOHOO!

Glad to see so many kids putting those tiny shopping carts to good use!

Once kids are signed up, here's how it works:
        1. Kids and parents stop by our co+op explorer fruit basket near the tiny carts.
        2. Choose a piece of organic fruit from the basket.
        3. Take a sticker & wear it to show off their Co+op Explorer pride!
        4. Peels can be thrown away in any of our compost bins.