Co-op Principle 7: Concern for Community

Wheatsville is proud to make significant contributions to local community groups. Last year, Wheatsville supported over 75 organizations with financial support and donations of food and store credit. We contributed over $155,000 to charitable organizations in 2017 alone!

While we love to hear from owners and people in the community, the sheer volume of requests can be overwhelming. We do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible. Decisions are based on factors such as the group's consistency with Wheatsville's mission, need, the number of people who would benefit from the donation, as well as the funds available in Wheatsville's budget.  

If we are able to fund your donation request, we will email you back. If you do not hear back from us at least one week before your event, we are unable to fund your request. Please feel free to renew your request for another date or time.

Wheatsville gives donations of store credit only for events and organizations that meet the following criteria:

Organization/Event must:

  1. Be nonsectarian
  2. Be nonpartisan
  3. Not have received another donation from us in the current calendar year
  4. Provide a service locally
  5. Fit into one or more of the following categories
    • Co-op related
    • Focused on the environment
    • Food related
    • Local community groups or organizations
    • In or around the neighborhoods served by Wheatsville Co-op

How to request a donation

We look forward to being of assistance. Thank you for all you do in our community and for your support of Wheatsville, Austin's Community Grocery Store.