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Board of Directors News

Consider Running for the 2019 Board of Directors

You shop at Wheatsville. You support Wheatsville’s mission to create a self-reliant, self-empowering community of people that will grow and promote a transformation of society toward cooperation, justice, and non-exploitation. So why not consider a role that allows you to help govern your co-op, too? Are you a co-op member with a computer, a little spare time, and a desire to oversee the business and policy of your co-op? If so, run for a place on the Board of Directors!

In the upcoming months, the Nominations Committee will hold orientation sessions for Co-op members interested in learning more about serving on the Board. These sessions are designed to let you know more about what the Board does, the Policy Governance model it follows, and to determine whether the Board’s work is something that you are really interested in doing. The Nominations Committee will publish the orientation dates on the Board of Directors page of our website. In the meantime, take a look at the website under Membership/ Board of Directors to read the current process for a co-op election and the qualifications you need to be a director.

Please come to a Board meeting or two to watch the current directors in action or join on one of our committees and work directly with the Board on important issues such as financial auditing. Board meeting information is posted on the Board’s web page, too, in the Announcements box on the right side of the page. The Board alternates the meeting location between the two store locations each month, so be sure to check which location is hosting the meeting you are interested in attending.

Current Nominations Committee members include Rose Marie Klee, Chair, Lisa Mitchell, and Lyz Nagan. Co-op members with questions about Board elections are welcome to contact us at

Deciding to run? Click here to learn the process and fill out an application.


Welcome the 2018 Board of Directors

This year, the Wheatsville Board seated our 2018 Directors at the January 16th meeting, and held our annual retreat on the second weekend in February. It was a great opportunity to develop as a team and do some foundational work as we embark on our journey together this year. It is exciting to lead the co-op as we turn 42 (which I am told is the secret of the universe) on March 16th, and as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dan Gillotte, our Chief Executive Grocer, who was first hired on February 18, 1998. We are deeply grateful to THAT Board of Directors for a wise decision that has paid dividends to our organization many times over!

We welcome four new directors along with two re-elected incumbents to the 2018 Board.

Jason Bourgeois describes himself as a student services practitioner, a performance conditioning specialist, an uncle, and a learning enthusiast. He loves that co-ops support unity, are inclusive, inspire creativity, and are some of the best hubs for community engagement.

Brandon Hines is a dimensional fund advisors manager specialized in information risk and security. He has been shopping at Wheatsville for 25 years because it is about so much more than getting groceries! Brandon believes that through support of our neighbors, Wheatsville will play a significant role in shaping Austin’s growing reputation as a creative center for community, culture, and cuisine.

Don Jackson is a dyed-in-the-wool cooperator who currently serves on the Austin Cooperative Business Association Board, and formerly served on the board of the Black Star Co-op. He is a Project Coordinator at the City of Austin focused on supporting small, local business districts, and he is inspired by Wheatsville’s efforts at local sourcing, commitment to affordable groceries and to livable wages.

Brian Mikulencak is an attorney whose law practice is focused on serving organizations that effect positive social change by using alternative business forms. He values the role that Wheatsville has played in the community throughout the course of Austin’s growth, and is passionate about supporting the food-choice owner-democracy of our co-op.

Lyz Nagan is the communications director for a Minneapolis-based firm, and she grew up shopping at local food co-ops. She knows from those experiences that co-ops build community. She believes in the value of small, personal actions, and she strives to be part of building a strong neighborhood by supporting local businesses and workers, and by doing one thing each day to make the city a better place.

MeriJayd O’Connor is a cranio-sacral therapist who sees Wheatsville as a fearless innovator, supporting sustainable food production, reducing waste, and creating strong cooperative alliances with other industries as we grow into the future. She dedicates herself to improving the health and well-being of others and is part of a developing organization that provides therapy to victims of torture and trauma.

At the January board meeting, three new officers were elected for 2018: Lisa Mitchell is Treasurer, Lyz Nagan is Secretary, and Rose Marie Klee is President. We are looking forward to supporting the work of this board!

We stand on the legacy of so many great directors and boards who came before us, and so I would like to say a special word of thanks to our outgoing directors: Julie Le, who was our star, leading more than her share of committees in her two years on the board; Andi Shively, who served as Treasurer and continues to provide leadership as President of the Austin Cooperative Business Association; and Kitten Holloway, who served as Secretary along with so many years of service on the Nominations Committee.

—Rose Marie Klee, Board President