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The Latest News from Wheatsville


The next time you are enjoying your food on the porch at Guadalupe or in the community room at South Lamar, be sure to look up and notice the flags that display our seven Cooperative Principles. To support and highlight these principles, we’ve created unique ways for owners to get to know their co-op and engage with the Board of Directors. “Yay!” for Co-op Principle #5 Education, Training and Information!

From eating with a Board Member on Thursday’s $5 Dinner, to owners visiting 4th Tap Co-op for a brewery tour (Woo-hoo! Principle #6 Co-operation Among Co-operatives), to visiting with owners during Wheatsville’s Ice Cream Social compliments of Nada-Moo, we have had fun opportunities to learn and enjoy what the co-op has to offer!

Afraid you missed all of the fun? Not a chance! Let’s not forget principal #2, Democratic Member Control. Coming up October 6th is our BIG CO-OP FAIR and ANNUAL OWNER MEETING. This is where your Board of Directors demonstrates accountability to the membership. You will hear the Wheatsville financial report, listen to board candidates speak, and enjoy some stories about how Wheatsville positively impacts our community (Principal #7 Concern for Community...sweet!). It will also be a great opportunity for you to cast your vote in our annual election, hint, hint…

Plus, Wheatsville will have some fun surprises to make the gathering a great way to spend your day and celebrate all things Cooperative.  The board’s Owner Engagement Committee is working hard to plan for the next year so be sure to stay informed by signing up for the weekly email (upper right corner of our website or  follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram – either way, stay connected!

The next time you participate in an event, come up and introduce yourself. Board members are first and foremost Wheatsville owners, just like you! We look forward to having a conversation and learning more about our owners and co-cooperators! —MeriJayd O'Conner, Board Member