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Local Vendor Spotlight: NadaMoo!

What is your origin story? Who started the business, when, and why?

In 2004, our founder started making small batches of coconut-milk ice cream for her sister who suffered from many food allergies. Pretty soon, word got around how creamy it was and before we knew it, complete strangers were showing up on our doorstep with spoons! Our President & CEO, Daniel Nicholson, and his family bought NadaMoo! in 2011 and has been running the brand ever since!

What are your most popular products and why?

  1. Lotta Mint Chip is definitely our #1 flavor. Our creamy take on this nostalgic and classic flavor hits the spot with its refreshing mint taste and velvety chocolate chips!
  2. Birthday Cake Cookie Dough was last year and quickly rose to fame because it was the first vegan Birthday Cake flavor on the market. We added cookie dough chunks and chocolate chips to put a fun NadaMoo! spin on it which gives your taste buds a sweet party!
  3. Our vegan Cookies & Crème is always a fan favorite! The gluten-free Oreo-like cookie chunks in our creamy base will make you think you are at home eating a late night snack of milk and cookies.

What makes your products unique?

Our entire line is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. We make a creamy and delicious coconut milk ice cream without sacrificing good taste!

Are your products fair trade, organic, co-op made, non-GMO?

Our entire line is made with organic coconut milk and six flavors are 100% organic. Also, the entire line is non-GMO and all of the flavors are made with fair-trade ingredients (5 of them are certified fair-trade).

How many staff members do you have?

12 full-time.

What would an employee say is the best part about working at your company?

  • “The best part about working at NadaMoo! is the sense of community and room to learn and grow as an not only an employee, but as an individual as well.”– Mayela Barreda (Demo & Social Media Coordinator)
  • “The best part about working at NadaMoo! is that we are just a couple of kids, hanging out, trying to change the world for the better” –Taylor Beckham (Local Operations & CRM)
  • “Working with passionate young individuals united around a common goal to bring greater health and happiness to the world.”–Daniel Nicholson (President & CEO)

Do you have a special tagline or slogan?


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