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Local Vendor Spotlight: Treasured Earth

Ruth Noel, Creator of Treasured Earth Foods says, “We are a family run business. All aspects of food are very important to us. We also believe food is life. Our bodies are designed to have foods that are as close as possible to the way nature intended. Healthy food means healthy bodies. We can enjoy foods we love without worrying about guilt and temptations. Over packaged, over processed, high refined sugar foods are not the best choice for anyone. Diet should be balanced in every meal, not just at certain times of the year or when we get older or when we get sick.

“My father was a testament to what food can do for you. In the late 1990s he had been diagnosed with diabetes. After following the instructions given to him by the registered dietician, my mom got fed up with how those recommendations were causing more harm than good. Biggest frustration: Giving him the store bought cookies recommended best for diabetics and having his blood sugar register as spiked the next morning. The culprit? The wheat flour in the cookies.

“So my mom, an avid, healthy foodie and experimenter, went to work inventing alternatives for him to eat. Her first invention became the first item we launched….The Chocolate Kika Truffle. I gave the name Kika to that dessert line because that is the name my children call her and I felt the honor to be fitting!

“Eventually, after much experimentation, my father was no longer diabetic. Through careful dietary choices (no grains or severely limited in quantity, limited fruit intake, fewer carbs overall, and no refined sugars or honey) he was able to enjoy the occasional store bought dessert (pictured at right - I didn't buy it!) and still have blood sugar levels in the 80s the following morning. Having alternatives to conventional desserts and snacks, plus making conscious changes in his everyday diet, was the biggest key to changing his life. And all this without any medication treating diabetes!

“If you’re looking for a healthy lunchbox snack or an indulgent cookie for yourself, Treasured Earth has just the treat. Our chewy fudge cookies are delicious and best of all, they’re healthy! We offer some of the best gluten free cookies available, and they’re also paleo-friendly, soy free, dairy free, and vegan! Now you can finally enjoy a tasty snack without all of the guilt.


What is Coconut Nectar?

Simply put, coconut nectar is the nectar of the flower from a coconut tree. It can then be used in liquid form or dried to resemble brown sugar in taste. Our Coconut Nectar is the dried version so we list it on our label as Dried Coconut Nectar. Coconut Nectar is considered low-glycemic and safe for diabetics. It also has trace minerals. Sometimes it can be called Coconut Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar or Coconut Palm Nectar. We cannot guarantee the variations, alterations or modifications a different company might use.

What is Paleo or Paleo Friendly?

A basic version of paleo is no grains, no refined sugar, no dairy and no legumes. From there different diets can add or eliminate certain food groups depending on the desired outcome or intention. Basic paleo encourages meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds which helps lower carbohydrate intake if that is one's goal.

Why are your products also Gluten-Free?

Paleo, by default, should be gluten free since no grains are acceptable. We only use nut and seed flours in our recipes.

Can I lose weight eating your products?

We have had people tell us they develop more self control and fewer sugar cravings when they ate our products in place of other sweets. We cannot guarantee what effects you may notice but we love hearing your stories!

What about the calories?

Nuts and seeds are naturally high in calories from the higher protein and fat content when compared to grains. Our products are a fraction of the sugar levels vs traditionally made grain based baked goods. The majority of the calories in our products are from the nut and seed flours.